Analogy Car & Lungs

The human body is like a car, engine (heart) will not run if air intake manifold (lungs) not working properly. Pushing on the motor (heart) will not fix lungs (manifold) in fact you will break the engine block (rib cage) ad fin item. Oil (blood) becomes fouled (lack of air) which damages all internal engine parts (humans cells, tissues and organs). Supply air (rescue breaths) by opening carburetor (wind pipe) by tilting head back, pinch nose) breathe air into lungs (manifold) which keeps the heart (motor) running and un-fouls the blood (oil). ‘ How Stuff Works ‘Manifold

Tens of thousands in Ontario, Canada taught all the signs of breathing emergency drug OD then trained to give chest compression’s only. Doctors are not going to revive you after surgery with chest compression’s it’s respiration’s (rescue breaths) during and after surgery. Empower laypersons what they think is a life saving technique they are eagerly following a clinicians instructions increasing morbidity and mortality any breathing emergency patient. Increases mental and physical illness drug use and abuse, loss of trust in medical profession, addictions and harm reduction workers dysfunctional society. Ontario’s protocol you deny grade school science ‘How the Heart and Lungs work”

Jan 9, 2017 Toronto’s Mayor John Tory and Barbara Yaffe MD quoted “Ventilation’s (rescue breathing) most important” Chest compression’s only still being taught!! Read comment box YouTube Medical info hyperlinked

Quotes Mayor above press conference at 37 minutes “When you have a CRISIS…one thing that often stands in the way…different protocols people have…that they have protocols that are well agreed upon…this person didn’t tell me that…we have a different system here…this is what causes people to lose their lives quite literally.”



2010 American Heart Association Guidelines Part 12.7: Toxic Ingestions
“Practically every sign and symptom observed in drug overdose can be produced by natural disease, and many clinical presentations associated with natural disease can be mimicked by some poison.“
Response: Above statement means any of the hundreds of causes respiratory emergency mimic an overdose, rescue breaths ASAP,  their life depends on this.  Why is the section on poisoning left out of the 2015 AHA guidelines, poisoning is ten times more prevelant than out of hospital cardiac arrests? 2015 AHA guidelines refer you to the 2010 guidelines, suggest everyone follow what 2010 says.

NOT as video etc. teaches chest compression’s only, increase in morbidity and mortality to any of the hundreds of causes breathing emergency. Read the comment box   More of Ontario’s training literature found hyperlinked my article Emergency Medicine News 2015 37(12):31

234 Doctors, other health care professionals and myself signed a letter to Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister of Health Dr. Eric Hoskins about Ontario’s life threatening intervention.

College Physicians does not bring a doctor in on a whim Dr. Klaiman’s hearing date Oct 12, 2016  CPSO what took you so long the more people trained this the more likely a family member of your’s will be killed.

Signs of OD and proper treatment, rescue breathing any respiratory emergency. Continue rescue breathing until Naloxone takes affect and patient breaths adequately on their own.

‘Medscape’ Physicians most trusted site.

2016 Instructions Naloxone

All 70+++ references from 2015 AHA & ILCOR guidelines on opioid overdose quotes ‘rescue breathing only’

My deputation Toronto Board of Health Correspondence from Public Health etc in comment box.

The rest of the country does not teach tens of thousands how to murder everyone with a breathing emergency.

Live human study training layperson’s all the signs of opioid overdose, then telling them to give chest compressions only Response CJPH 2013;104(3):200-4

Dan Bigg on OD it’s not rocket science Rescue breathing first line defense Naloxone is second line defense
Original video @8 minutes

Original ‘Eyes Wide Open’
“My childhood friend was completely blue…. Started with chest compressions didn’t seem to have any real great effect”
Correct Joe you are quickening Wades death or anyone else with a breathing emergency. Sadly Wade pasted summer 2015

Grandmother learned rescue breathing only in 10 seconds over the phone. Seizure same signs as OD, saved her grandchild no chest compression’s. Stop confusing CPR for basic first aid rescue breathing only.

Complications chest compression’s a drastic measure only to be preformed cardiac arrest.
Atcheson SG, Fred HL. ‘Letter: Complications of cardiac resuscitation’ Am Heart J. 1975 Feb;89 (2):263-5

Dr. Ewy (THE world expert chest compression’s only) phoned me “Gary don’t stop what you are doing”
Quote “Some doctors worry that bystanders can get confused and do only chest compressions in drug-overdose and drowning cases [any asphixia or poisoning etc] NOT TO BE GIVEN TO CHILDREN.” Email from Dr. Ewy

Naloxone ineffective Marcia L. Buck “Naloxone for the Reversal of Opioid Adverse Effects” Pediatric Pharmacotherapy. 2002;8(8)1-5 See bottom page 1 children kept alive five days respiratory assist. Doctors pumping massive doses Naloxone into children with no affect? Both toddlers probably would have woken up and started breathing on their own in the same time period without all the Naloxone.

Thousands more case reports like this in the medical literature Naloxone ineffective. Women and children Naloxone ineffective kept alive rescue breathing.

Nov. 18 2016 ‘Drug OD video Globe & Mail’ listen comments at end

You’re pet eats a poison or drug Veterinarian will give respiratory assist (rescue breaths) and antidote. Not kill them with chest compression’s, why do we allow this to happen to our women and children??

Read moderated comments

Heart & Stroke Foundation Official site read the only moderated comment

Letter from H & S Foundation

BMJ ‘Doc2Doc’ “Every worked with a psychopath” by Gary Thompson

Langes ‘Poisoning and drug OD’ see page 1 ad fin item

Scriptures on resuscitation states as all medicine Luke 12:4,5 Jesus casts into hell all those teaching malfeasance. People of Ontario already have casts themselves into their own private hell, living in a state of pure guilt not saying anything.

These people need serious counselling, tens of thousands only in Ontario taught the worst possible thing you could do to any breathing emergency. Stop needless suffering phone Public Health 416-392-0520 Mon-Fri 10-5pm 277 Victoria St. @Dundas St. East. Toronto

Jan 9, 2017 Toronto’s Mayor John Tory and Barbara Yaffe MD quoted “Ventilation’s (rescue breathing) most important” Chest compression’s only still being taught!! Read comment box YouTube

Three Stooges Good


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