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Physicians most trusted site ‘Medscape’ Naloxone for the Reversal of Opioid Adverse Effects  You need to register to login see below photos only health providers allowed to comment  Quote “All patients considered to have opioid intoxication should have a stable airway and adequate ventilation established before the administration of naloxone.” Reason stabilize the patient first with rescue breathing. As in all breathing emergencies patient is dying lack of oxygen in blood stream, and hypercapnia etc. rescue breathing ASAP their life depends on this.

My moderated comment second slide

Live human study [only in Ontario] training layperson’s all the signs of opioid overdose, then telling them to give chest compression’s only

My moderated comment 2015 AHA & ILCOR guidelines poisoning & drug OD  ‘Opioid overdose response education’ plus Public Health’s training literature.

My response to Emily Oliver (awaiting AHA moderator) “….use of naloxone into their education programs. More research is needed regarding educational effectiveness…”

Do we need more research on opioid poisoning resuscitation protocols? Clinicians see opioid poisoning daily in a clinical situation. Terminally ill are kept “comfortable” to wit OD narcotics. Cause of death acute respiratory failure.

European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation 2010 Section 8.b Poisoning

Naloxone left elsewhere
Quote “most participants did not carry the naloxone with them consistently and consequently it was generally not available if they witnessed an overdose.”
Other studies report same >20%  of the time Naloxone left elsewhere. Probably means chest compression’s only used in Ontario?

Medscape 1

My moderated comment video format AHA removed my comment after two years??


Near a thousand MDs and other health providers signed and delivered a letters about Ontario’s life threatening resuscitation intervention.  Read meaningless response from Premier attached
Majority of harm is happening to non OD’s and no one says a word? Chest compression’s for any breathing emergency is assault and murder.

My letter Emergency Medicine News 2015; 37(12):31 ‘Flaws in Toronto’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Program’ Hyperlinks to Public Health’s training literature here.

70++ references from 2015 AHA & ILCOR guidelines on opioid overdose and comments
All state rescue breathing ASAP.

One of my deputations Toronto Board of Health Correspondence from sociopath Public Health Doctors etc hyperlinked in comment box.

Aug 28, 2017 700 MDs other health providers signed a letter to Minister of Health. Quote from article “PREVENTING THEM FROM RESPONDING PROPERLY”

Aug 31, 2017 Dr. Eric Hoskins Minister of Health’s office doorway pieces of paper chest compression’s only.

Caught in their own lie Sept 15, 2017 Quote OD’s at Toronto Public Health’s SIS Quote “two of whom overdosed and were saved without naloxone” Ventilation’s only being given (rescue breaths layperson) No chest compression’s. Article quote “oxygen (rescue breaths layperson) to help many others escape a “deep nod” with dangerously shallow breathing.”

Jan 9, 2017 Dr. Barbara Yaffe Medical Officer of Health and Mayor John Tory quoted “Ventilations (rescue breaths) most important”

Quote John Tory “When you have a CRISIS…one thing that often stands in the way…different protocols people have…that they have protocols that are well agreed upon…this person didn’t tell me that…we have a different system here…this is what causes people to lose their lives quite literally.”

Heart and Stroke Foundation; Canadian Red Cross and Dr Gordon Ewy world expert on chest compression’s only

Your pet eats a poison or drug Veterinarian will give respiratory assist and any antidote, not torture them with chest compression’s only. Why would we allow this to our women and children?

Common quotes MDs and RNs while crying “Gary I know they are killing any respiratory emergency patient with chest compressions”



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