Email Dr. Peter Selby

At 2 minutes expert advisers!! Dr. Peter Selby (passes Chief of Addictions CAMH until Sept. 2017); Deb Matthews (former Minister of Health); Kathleen Wynne (present Premier) and Dr. Eric Hoskins Minister of Health

Original video CAMH @49 minutes Betty Lou admits Naloxone can be ineffective rescue breaths ASAP their life depends on this or anyone with the hundreds of causes breathing emergency. Self evident truth

Dr. Peter Selby CBC Oct 16 ‘14  you slipped up quote ‘COMA’ proves heart is beating and needs air ASAP. My attachments were the guidelines section toxic ingestions. SEE BELOW EMAIL DR. SELBY

234 health care providers signed a letter to Premier Wynne and Dr. Eric Hoskins. Ontario’s overdose protocol chest compression’s only?  Read meaningless response from Premier

Aug 28, 2017 more than 700 doctors other health providers signed a letter to Minister of Health et al. about Ontario’s overdose crisis. Quote from article “poor data are PREVENTING THEM FROM RESPONDING PROPERLY” increasing morbidity and mortality any respiratory emergency.

Dr. Gordon Awy the world expert on chest compression’s. He phoned me “Gary don’t stop what you are doing”
Quote “Some doctors worry that bystanders can get confused and do only chest compressions in drug-overdose and drowning cases [any asphixia or poisoning etc].”
Email from Dr. Ewy

Read my 9 moderated comments Tim Noonan 30 years EMS

Annotated medical info ‘Naloxone’ and my moderated comments 14-15 Then follow trackback for more of my moderated comments

My moderated comments 2015 AHA Guidelines ‘Opioid Overdose Response Education”

70+++ references and comments from the North American Guidelines 2015

European Guidelines 2015 CORRECT Section 4. Cardiac arrest in special circumstances Toxins p.165 RESCUE BREATHING

Signs of OD and proper treatment, rescue breathing any respiratory emergency. Continue rescue breathing until Naloxone takes affect and patient breaths adequately on their own.
Nathan Harig EMS
Dr. Nicholas Etches

BC’s ‘Training Manual Overdose Prevention, Recognition and Response’

Canadian Pharmacist Association

Dan Bigg nickname ‘Mr. Naloxone’

Jan 9, 2017 Dr. Barbara Yaffe and Mayor John Tory quoted “Ventilation’s (rescue breaths layperson) most important” Not chest compression’s contraindicated for any of the hundreds of causes breathing emergency

Quote John Tory above press conference “When you have a CRISIS…one thing that often stands in the way…different protocols people have…that they have protocols that are well agreed upon…this person didn’t tell me that…we have a different system here…this is what causes people to lose their lives quite literally.”

‘Opioids: clinical use as anesthetic agents’ Hug, Carl MD PhD
Quote “allowing administration of enormous doses intraoperatively when the patient’s ventilation is supported mechanically [rescue breathing layperson]”
Response Anaesthesiologist ODs patient usually with Fentanyl (it’s short acting) kept alive ventilation’s. Awaken stop drug flow keep ventilated [rescue breaths layperson] rarely uses antidote

You would think it brutal to withhold from the less capable [ANYONE] the air they need. The moment you begin discriminating against the less capable, you establish conditions that breed dissatisfaction and resentment: you invite envy, discord and strife.” Alexander Berkman “Life of an Anarchist’ p.282

Cost the taxpayer an untold fortune many left with permanent brain damage, lack of oxygen ad fin item.
Share widely, stop needless suffering. Speak up stop making yourselves and everyone else victims.

letterpselby jan30-good

Ontario Paramedics


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