Response OPA update slide 3:5

OPA June Part 1  Listen at 1 minute quote “Anyone can overdose an 80 Grandmother takes two extra pain pills.  A child accidentally poisoned Methadon”  Guess it’s a good idea for a family member to withhold the breathe of life from Grandma and torture her with chest compression’s or a mother to kill her child.

Slide 3:5 Follow the treatment B.C. Pharmacists correct MY RESPONSE SEE PHOTO

@2:20 minutes start of changes from original Power Point still life threatening treatment Ontario Pharmacist Association Updated Aug 23  Listen my comments at end and read comment box for correct treatment

Slide 3:2 etc. hyperlink ‘Toronto Public Health’

Slide 3:10 ‘Tools and Forms’   Read this link copied from above A NO BRAINER
Ontario Public Health Programs Division Updates Naloxone June 29, 2016:  “Page not found 404”

OPA Part 3 original Listen my comments at end read comment box

Rescue breathing is first line defense, Naloxone is second line defense.
Please share widely stop needless suffering

OPA slide3number5

Basic first aid knowledge ‘Acute respiratory failure’ The longer this goes on the larger the class action suit, you taxpayers will pay for it all. Already a large group of OD’s and non OD’s harmed by this.

Dr. Klaiman Aug 24


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