Response CJPH 2013;104(3)e200-4

Tens of thousands in Ontario, Canada taught all the signs of breathing emergency drug OD then trained to give chest compression’s only. Doctors are not going to revive you after surgery with chest compression’s it’s respiration’s (rescue breaths) during and after surgery. Empower laypersons what they think is a life saving technique they are eagerly following a clinicians instructions increasing morbidity and mortality any breathing emergency patient. Increases mental and physical illness drug use and abuse, loss of trust in medical profession, addictions and harm reduction workers dysfunctional society. Ontario’s protocol you deny grade school science ‘How the Heart and Lungs work”

Jan 9, 2017 MOH Dr. Barbara Yaffe Quoted Drug OD issue “Ventilations (rescue breathing) most important” Not chest compressions as tens of thousands have been taught.  Chest compression’s still being taught!! Read comment box You Tube

50,000 Ontarians are poisoned each year

Lange [The gold standard of medical textbooks] ‘Poisoning and drug OD’ see page 1 ad fin item
Current edition

All 70+++ references from 2015 AHA & ILCOR guidelines on opioid overdose quotes ‘rescue breathing only’

2010 American Heart Association Guidelines Part 12.7: Toxic Ingestions Quote AHA “ventilation should be assisted by a bag mask [rescue breaths layperson italics mine] followed by administration of naloxone and placement of an advanced airway [continue breaths layperson italics mine] if there is no response to naloxone.”
Toxidromes “Practically every sign and symptom observed in drug overdose can be produced by natural disease, and many clinical presentations associated with natural disease can be mimicked by some poison.“
Response: Any of the hundreds of causes respiratory emergency mimic an overdose, rescue breaths ASAP. 2015 AHA guidelines refer you to the 2010 guidelines toxic ingestions, suggest everyone follow what 2010 says.

All 70+++ references from 2015 AHA & ILCOR guidelines on opioid overdose quotes ‘rescue breathing only’

My moderated comments 2015 AHA & ILCOR guidelines ‘Opioid Overdose Response Education’ with hyperlinks Ontario Public Health life threatening protocols in comment box

My letter Emergency Medicine News 2015; 37(12):31 ‘Flaws in Toronto’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Program’ Hyperlinks to Public Health Ontario’s training literature

My article Feb 17, 2017 Rogue Medic “We keep making excuses for solutions that are neat, plausible, and wrong. Why don’t we start acting like responsible medical professionals and do what is best for our patients?”

Thank you to Gary Thompson of Agnotology for linking to this for me.

Go read Response: ‘What happens when drugs become too powerful for overdose kits’

‘How to kill your own Grandma & Mother her own child’

OPA Part 1  Case report Jake  at 7 minutes. Quote “4 breaths/min BVM = (rescue breathing ESSENTIAL) then Naloxone. Continue rescue breaths mandatory until next slide 14 breaths/min oximetry 97%”

Pet eats a poison or drug Veterinarian will give rescue breathing then antidote continue rescue breathing. Not torture them with chest compression’s. Why do we allow this to our women and children??

Anosognosia it is a severe form of denial. Anosognosia is quite different than simple or temporary denial. It is not simply denial of a problem, but the genuine inability to recognize that the problem exists. Usually this is caused by brain damage and/or FEAR!

Agnotology the deliberate fomenting of ignorance and doubt, how they control the masses. More info Google @GaryCPR















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